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Ticket Criticality

When you raise a ticket with us, we ask you to define the criticality of the ticket. In this article, we provide you with some guidance on how to select the most appropriate criticality for your ticket.

There are four levels of criticality (Low, Medium, High and Urgent) and if you do not assign a criticality, then the default setting is defined as "Low".

The meanings for each level are defined in the table below.

A ticket is assigned a criticality of low if a problem has been identified and could affect the Services or the operation of the Services described in this Schedule.  The issue has no time dependencies and has no impact on the ability of the customer to perform core functions.
A ticket is assigned a criticality of medium if there is a problem in the operation or use of the Services described in our agreement with you that does not have an immediate adverse impact on your business operations but does need attention or it will likely become more severe.
A ticket is assigned a criticality of high if the operation of the core functionality is impaired or there is partial loss of functionality or other degradation of service which adversely affect your normal business operations, but for which there is a viable workaround and core functions can still be performed.
Urgent (Critical)
A ticket is assigned a criticality of urgent if the customer cannot perform core functions within the services described in our agreement and where there is no viable workaround

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